Wicked Victorian Boston

Wicked Bostonians

Killed cheating faro dealers.
Shot and killed the cheating dealers.
Quack Doctor.
Inventor of the popular fraudulent cure, oxygenized air.
(alias: Joe Swen)
Chinese interpreter.
Hired to help police, Charles became a violent gang leader.
Arrested for producing obscene pictures of society girls.
(At the Fan Tan table)
Leader of Chinatown's Moy company.
Engagned in gambling, opium, extortion.
Emery "Bose" Cobb
(Picture unavailable)
"The Wickedest Man in Boston"
Gambling, prositution, liquor.
(alias: Mrs. Hamilton)
Murder-for-Hire Conspirator.
Police officer's wife who hired a hitman.
(Picture unavailable)
Spirit Medium.
Published new verses from a dead poet.
(alias: John Bull)
Private Detective.
Adept at working both sides of the law.
Charismatic Baptist Minister.
Caught in bed with a married parishioner.
Confidence man.
Swindled Charles Francis Adams out of $20,000.
(In the Rat Pit)
Saloon Keeper-Rat Pit Manager.
His North Street saloon featured rat baiting.
Frank H Hart
Champion Pedestrian Racer.
Stole the prize money of a six-day race.
Free-love Advocate.
Arrested for selling sexual literature through the mail.
Free-Love Advocate, Sexual Educator.
Co-founder, with Ezra, of the New England Free Love League.
(alias: Lieutennt Hunter)
Confidence man.
Specialized in defrauding military contractors.
Prominent State Street Banker
Was sued for divorce after abusing his wife.
Massachusetts Puritan Leader
His ban on theatre lasted 100+ years.
Captive Sex Slave.
Fifteen-year-old girl held captive in a West End brothel.
Henry Morgan
Reform Preacher.
Had a team of investigators who documented Boston vice.
Brothel Keeper.
Led a double life - sinful in Boston, pious in New Hampshire.
Edward E Savage
Chief of Police.
Tried to clean up the Black Sea vice district.
("The Boston Strong Boy")
Champion Boxer.
Drunkard, bully, and wife-beater.
Alleged Adulteress.
Caught in bed with Rev. Downs.
(Picture unavailable)
Leader of the Albany Street Gang.
Violent burglar, highwayman, and hoodlum.